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dress, and she <br>shall sleep in my bed.' Thenshe bit her mother again and made her dance. All the robbers laughed andsaid, 'Look at he<br>r dancing with her <br>cub!''I want to get into the carriage,' said the little robber girl, and shealways had her own way because she was so spoilt and stubborn. She andGerda got into the carriage, and then they drove over stubble and stonesfurther and further into <br>the wood. The little robber girl was as big asGerda, but much stronger; she had broader shoulders, and darker skin,her eyes were qu<br>ite black, with almost a melancholy expression. She puther arm round Gerda's waist and said--'They shan't kill you as long as I don't get angry with you;<br> you mustsurely be a Princess!''No,' said little Gerda, and then she told her all her adventures, andhow fond<br> she was of Kay.The robber girl looked earnestly at her, gave a little nod, and said,'They shan't kill you even if I am angry with you. I will do <br>it myself.'Then she dried Gerda's eyes, and stuck her own hands into the prettymuff, which was so soft and warm.At last the chariot stopped: they were in the courtyard of a robber'scastle, the walls of which were cracked from top to bottom. Ravens<br> andcrows flew in and out of every hole, and big bulldogs, which each lookedready to devour somebody, jumped about as high as they could, but theydid not bark, for it was not allowed. A big fire was burning in themiddle of the stone floor of the smoky old hall. The smoke all <br>went upto the ceiling, where it had to find a way out for itself. Soup wasboiling in a big caldron over the fire, and hares and rabbits <br>wereroasting on the spits.'You shall sleep with me and all my little pets to-night,' said therobber girl.When th<br>ey had something to eat and drink they went along to one cornerwhich was spread with straw and rugs. There were nearly a hundredpig<br>eons roosting overhead <br>on the rafters and beams. They seemed to beasleep, but they fluttered about a little when the children came <br>in.'They are all mine,' said the little robber girl, seizing one of thenearest. She held it by the legs and shook it till it flapped its wings.'Kiss it,' she cried, dashing it at Gerda's face. 'Those are the woodpigeons,' she added, pointing to some laths fixed across a big hol<br>e highup on the walls; 'they are a regular rabble; they would fly awaydirectly if they were not locked in. And here is my old sweetheart Be,'dragging forward a reindeer by the horn; it was tied up, and it had abright copper ring round its neck. '<br>We have to keep him close too, or hewould run off. Every single night I tickle his neck with my brightknife, he is so frightened of<br> it.' The little girl produced a long knifeout of a hole in the wall and drew it across the reindeer's neck. Thepoor animal laughed<br> and kicked, and the robber girl laughed and pulledGerda down into the bed with her.'Do you have that knife by you while you are asleep?' asked Gerda,looking rather frightened.'I always sleep with a knife,' said the little robber girl. 'You neverknow what will h<br>appen. But now tell me again what you told me beforeabout little Kay, and why you went out into the world.' So Gerda toldher all about it

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